It Must Be Humbling

It must have been quite humbling

To be a disciple of Christ

To daily walk in His footprints

Listen to His instructions and advice

To sit and listen to Him teaching

Learning how to be more like Him

Going against all rhyme or reason

Casting away traditions on a whim

Can you imagine their wonder

As He worked miracles every day?

To realize who He actually was

And the steep price He had to pay

Can you imagine their amazement

While he multiplied fish and bread?

Probably shook their heads in awe

As He raised people from the dead

Just think about the upper room

When He knew that His time was short

With them broke bread, drank wine

Knowing His destiny He wouldn’t abort

Then think about how they denied Him

For Peter the cock thrice it crowed

Thinking only of their own safety

Claiming Christ they did not know

Imagine the astonishment when He appeared

After being dead for three days

Then having to reveal Himself to Thomas

Proving His arising, twas the only way

The enormity, it must have struck hard

When to Heaven He did ascend

Leaving them to carry on His ministry

Jesus put His trust in mortal men

Now He sits at the right hand of God

Depending on us to do His work

Even today He has His disciples

Spreading His Gospel, will not shirk

So, are there still disciples today?

The answer; is an unequivocal yes

I know because I know I am one

Following my Master, I do my best

June 14, 2022