Only In America

Only in America
This land of the free
Do we find so many issues
Pertaining to you and me

Only in America
Hungry children go to bed at night
Their empty tummies aching
Having had nary a bite

Only in America
Are our elderly in neglect
Forced to survive in poverty
Stealing all their self-respect

Only in America
Does hatred show its ugly face
Expressing bigotry and cruelty
Toward minorities of every race

Only in America
Are the unborn allowed to die
A solution so much simpler
Than to hear a newborn’s cry

Only in America
Superpower we’re supposed to be
We allow third world countries
To bring us to our knees

Only in America
Our politicians ought to be ashamed
Acting like delinquent children
As on each other, they place the blame

Only In America
Was God removed from our schools
Considering the consequences
Makes us all look like fools

Only In America
Does it pay to commit a crime
TVs, Libraries, workout gyms
Punishment as they serve their time?

Only in America
Are wages, salaries totally unfair
When athletes make more money
Than police, firefighters in despair

Only in America
Can guilty get off with a plea
All it takes is a crooked lawyer
And money to set you free

Only in America
Are our industries going overseas
Because of the almighty dollar
Corporations do as they please

Only in America
Are the homeless on the streets
Humiliated and struggling
As they search for something to eat

Only in America
Does it pay not to work
Welfare, food stamps SSI
Pays too well so work they shirk

Only in America
Is our flag dishonored by bended knee
Belittling our veterans sacrifices
For all the world to see

Only in America
Are churches closing every day
Immorality, persecution, scandal
Has become the accepted way

Only In America
Is it not safe outside at night
Violence rears its ugly head
It’s best to stay out of sight

Only in America
Kids graduate who can’t read or write
Lost in the system they suffer
Because nobody cares to do what’s right

Only in America
There’s only one solution I can see
The only way to fix this mess
Is spending prayer time on your knees

Tuesday, June 21, 2022