Slippery Eel And The Turtle

Slippery Eel, he went swimming
That brave little Indian lad
He dove into that glistening pool
The cool water made him glad

As a swimmer, he struggled
To keep his head held high
He knew if he wasn’t careful
He could very possibly die

The snapping turtle saw him
Latched onto his big toe
It pulled Slippery Eel under
To a log jam down below

The turtle bit his big toe off
And Slippery Eel, he escaped
Blood streamed up behind him
Was out of breath and shape

To the surface, he struggled
With the turtle in hot pursuit
Just in time for his father
With a bow that turtle shoot

Now he has a new name
He is known as Turtle Food
That’s what his friends call him
He gets made, then gets rude

Chase them, he would like to
But his foot hurts too bad
He lies in wait to catch them
His purpose, get over his mad

He’s Slippery Eel. the toeless boy
And his revenge he did get
Had turtle for supper one night
The taste, he remembers yet

Friday, June 17, 2022