When It Comes!

When it comes at night
It’s always twice as bad
Chances are you’re in bed
Unaware and pajama-clad

Sirens are loudly going off
Weather radio’s warning take cover
Out of bed quickly leap
At the basement steps, you hover

In the distance, you hear a roar
It’s coming, it’s not a dream
Terrified, downstairs you run
Trying hard not to scream

Overhead you hear a crash
Then the monster is gone
Getting out, find you can’t
Help finally arrives at dawn

You step out into a disaster
Your home is no longer there
Looking around, you’re not alone
Neighborhood, tornado not spared

You were a very lucky one
Death has visited your street
Dazed survivors stumble around
The look on their face, defeat

Find out later, it was an F five
Almost half a mile wide
The destruction it caused
Something not to be denied

Why God allows it, who knows
Same as earthquakes and floods
The only way to survive
Be covered by Jesus’s blood!

Friday, June 17, 2022