Election Time

Oh, No, It’s election time again
And the crap has begun to fly
They promise this, negotiate that
It’s enough to make you cry

They all lie to you to get into office
You must pick one who lies the least
Then pray the decision you made
Hasn’t created a political beast

Republican, Democrat, Independent
For political power, they yearn
They fail to study their predecessors
A lesson they’ve never begun to learn

A bunch of babies they’ve become
Having no intentions to behave
It’s their way and their way only
To their party, they are enslaved

I dread it when it all begins
The media runs it into the ground
Putting biased news on the air
Creating illusions all around

Shame on us for letting it happen
Our political system’s out of whack
At one time politics was respected
We need to bring those times back

Unfortunately, that can only happen
When politics is no longer a career
When politicians are rotated in and out
Not staying in office for umpteen years

Tuesday, June 21, 2022