Night Sounds

In the even time when the sun goes down
And a gentle breeze wafts through the trees
The mystical night sounds, they magically begin
Starting small, multiplying in gradual degrees

In the distance a lonely whippoorwill calls
A hoot owl resounds from close nearby
A raccoon scurries from limb to limb
A lost fawn for its mother frantically cries

A coyote is out, looking for an easy meal
Mothers are keeping vigil on their young
The seven-year locusts are raising a din
The cricket’s nightly melody has just begun

Bats circle overhead, mosquitos their prey
Moths flutter; attracted to artificial light
Lightning bugs blink on and off
Meandering here and there throughout the night

Field mice are searching for a mate
Squirrels are sound asleep in their den
Frogs are croaking, on lily pads, they sit
Bass watch closely, eating one, it depends

And all too soon the night is over
The night creatures, they slowly disappear
Until the moon beckons them out again
And like magic, they again are here

Tuesday, June 21, 2022