National Park Geek

A National Park geek I have become
There are still so many that I want to see
I have been to almost half of them
To see the rest, I feel a longing urgency

Proudly I wear a vest adorned with patches
My walking stick is covered with badges I display
Some might think that I am a bit of a show-off
But I don’t care, I’ll continue to do it my way

If you have never stood on the Canyon’s rim
Or on a clear day viewed from Clingman’s Dome
Watched Old Faithful spew her water and steam
Viewed wildlife living in their natural homes

Shivered while gazing at Crater Lake’s blue water
Wound through the hills of Shenandoah Parkway
Watched climbers ascend El Capitan’s peak
Marveled at the vast Painted Desert’s display

Watched a roadrunner race at Big Bend Park
Seen an owl perched on a cactus at Saguaro
Observed the buffalo herd at Teddy Roosevelt
Been to the Grand Tetons, a beautiful place to go

Shivered, watched the sunrise from Haleakala
Felt the water flowing from the Hot Springs
Rode in a tiny capsule to the top of the arch
Went to the bowels of Carlsbad Caverns, amazing

If you’ve seen none of this, I feel sorry for you
You quite frankly have missed out on a lot
There’s so much beauty, nature, places of solitude
You need to see them, realize what we’ve got

Tuesday, June 21, 2022