I'd Like To See An Angel

I’d like to see an angel
And especially if it is mine
The angel God assigned to me
To protect me, keep me in line

I imagine him as magnificent
Tall and mighty he would be
Arrayed in a Heavenly splendor
Keeping a watchful eye over me

Some days he has to work hard
Because of something stupid I’ve done
He wages war against demons
Until the battle has been won

I wonder, do I have just one
Or if he as assigned me two
As much trouble that I get into
My angel, he has plenty to do

I stop and think about my past
All the close calls that I’ve had
To think that my angel intervened
Making things good instead of bad

Over my shoulder, He’s probably watching
As I’m writing all of this down
Shaking his head at my wish
Knowing if he does God will frown

That doesn’t stop me from wishing
As silly as that may seem
I would like to personally thank him
That will always be my dream

Tuesday, June 21, 2022