A Bump In The Night

Quietly they live in the woods
Preferring to stay out of sight
Seldom seen during the daytime
They tend to roam about at night

Skeptics say they don’t exist
While believers swear it’s true
Until the day it finally happens
The odds of seeing one are few

Sometimes a glimpse in the shadows
And you feel like you’re being watched
An eerie calmness is the setting
You realize it’s probably a Squatch

Sometimes you hear wooden knocks
Or experience a howl or scream
A rock or log was thrown your way
Searching wildly with a flashlight beam

Their stench can be offensive
Stringy hair from head to toe
Massive physique and agility
As they tower over you below

Some men call them Yeti
Others Skunk Ape or Sasquatch
Or maybe Abominable Snowman
It’s Bigfoot, for him I will watch

It can be found almost anywhere
In a woods or crossing a street
Or peeking in your bedroom window
A terrifying way to abruptly meet

Now there’s something to remember
While turning out your bedroom light
In the stillness your mind questions
That sudden bump in the night!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022