What Ever Happened
To Imagination?

Whatever happened to imagination?
It is something I’d like to know
For it’s been replaced with complacency
And the results, they sadly show

Kids used to entertain themselves
Not depend on TV and video games
What they’ve allowed themselves to become
It is a pity and a shame

Take a box, it becomes many things
A fort, a truck, maybe a cave
It has no buttons to be pushed
Or a score to beat and save

Or maybe it is an old stick
That becomes a baseball bat
A hockey stick or a pool cue
Is there anything wrong with that?

With an imagination anything’s possible
All you have to do is try
Whatever prop you decide to use
If you don’t then I wonder why

Life, it can be dull and boring
If you’re always going with the flow
When others make up your mind
Then imagination, you really don’t know

Friday, June 17, 2022