A Doubter No More

He was born to be a skeptic

About everything he always questioned

Always seeing the negative side

His skepticism became an obsession

Everything had to be proven

It was the only way he believed

Evidence had to be irrefutable

Nothing else could he conceive

Proof, to him, had to be shown

And he still had his doubts

Even when it was ironclad

He’d examine it, within, without

He never took anything for granted

He always had to have proof

He always took it to extreme

His friends considered him aloof

One day he observed a miracle

How a man arose from the dead

He reasoned that it couldn’t believe

Then chose to doubt instead

He had to witness it for himself

If it was true or a cunning lie

No way would he believe it

In his mind it he quickly denied

Then Jesus stood before him

Offered nail-scarred hands and feet

Doubting Thomas doubted no more

His skepticism went down in defeat

He asked forgiveness for his doubt

Knelt and acknowledged the Lord

His skepticism he put behind him

His faith increased like never before

Monday, October 24, 2022