Fall In Indiana

The weather for sure it’s changin’
As we are rapidly headin’ into fall
Daylight hours, they’re a dwindlin’
Can’t get much done outside at all

Leaves are turnin’, startin’ to drop
Swirlin’ in the mornin’ breeze
Pollens are floatin’ all around
All ya can do is loudly sneeze

School busses are out a runnin’
Packed full with our noisy kids
Pumpkins carved into scary faces
Pulp removed through their lids

Huntin’ season’s around the corner
The main goal is to kill a buck
Hayrides on dusty country roads
Steal a kiss or two with any luck

Cuttin’ firewood for the winter
Stacked high by the back door
Maple sap, it’s a slowly drippin’
Good on pancakes, eat some more

Persimmon puddin’ makes you pucker
It is an acquired taste
Only get it once a year
It is something you don’t waste

Cool breezes in the early morning
Give way to afternoon heat
Farmers gettin’ in their crops
Before it rains, snows or sleets

It’s a favorite time of the year
When Mother Nature, she slows down
She turns our green landscape
Into yellows, ambers and browns

A time to reap nature’s bounty
Given to us from God above
To show that He still provides
Both our sustenance and His love

Tuesday, June 21, 2022