An Upset Pastor

The pastor glanced around
Half the congregation was asleep
Something drastic had to be done
So he decided to take the leap

“Now, Mary had a little lamb”
“And Jesus was His name”
“In church, He would stay awake”
“All of you - Shamey shame!”

“I spent many hours preparing”
“If you don’t care, neither do I”
“Fire me, I don’t care anymore”
“You’re about to make me cry.”

“What do you think God would do?”
“Would you do this to Him?”
“Do you come to church to worship?”
“Or do you come on a whim?”

“His sanctuary is not a bedroom”
“So, please don’t treat it as such”
“Please, don’t grieve the Holy Spirit”
“When for you he’s done so much”

“My poem, I admit, was childish”
“But your behavior made me mad”
“For that, I will have to repent”
“In my heart, you make me sad”

“If I must step down, I will
“And maybe it is for the best”
“I will not tolerate your behavior”
“Stay home if you need to rest”

The congregation was in shock
By now, everyone was wide awake
The pastor stood before them, silent
His future was based on a mistake

One by one, to the altar they came
On  knees, their forgiveness they asked
The pastor let out a sigh of relief
He believed what he did was a Holy task

Friday, June 17, 2022