Soda Pop

On the bathroom scales, he got
At the total he was dismayed
Another pound he had gained
It happened every time he weighed

His diet he strictly followed
Fatty foods he tried to avoid
Two miles he walked daily
With his weight he was annoyed

His downfall was soda pop
An addiction he couldn’t control
The six pack he daily drank
Made him feel guilty in his soul

He knew he was killing himself
Obese was something he was
The sugar that he daily consumed
Was destroying him, something it does

The doctor told him he had to quit
If he didn’t he’d probably die
While pulling another pull tab
Told himself that tomorrow he’d try

It was a never-ending cycle
Every day he would vow to quit
The yearning would be uncontrollable
From the fridge get a can, down it

They buried him in a piano crate
He tipped the scales at a quarter ton
All because of a stupid addiction
That controlled him until it won

Friday, June 17, 2022