I Can't Help But Wonder

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder
Is there something wrong with me?
When I peruse myself in a mirror
I am not happy with what I see

Some people tend to age well
And then you have the rest of us
I wonder if other people feel the same
As their mirror’s reflection brings disgust

Myself, I see an aging senior citizen
Whose physique has turned to fat
And someone has stolen all my hair
Because I can’t figure out where it’s at

Wrinkles, I have more than a few
They’re something I can’t seem to erase
The furrows crossing my forehead
Are a prominent feature on my face

My vim and vigor have gone away
There’s no more spring in my step
Is getting older really the culprit
If so, then up on me it has crept

My eyesight, that’s another story
To read I really have to strain
Reading glasses, I have several pairs
My vision, I’m trying to regain

And my hearing has gone away
Things spoken must be twice repeated
If there is background noise close
Comprehending you, I am defeated

So I guess there is something wrong
But I’m not ready to accept it yet
Scripture says there’s healing in His wings
And I will take all that I can get!

Tuesday, June 14, 2022