Percy, he was in a predicament
He didn’t know what to do
Being a broken down old horse
His future was probably glue

By looks, he was rather pitiful
Sway backed and knobby knees
When he breathed he coughed
Would lift his head and sneeze

He could never remember his age
Knew he was way over fifteen
All he ever wanted to do was
Eat his oats and some grass green

One day a big truck, it came
To the auction barn, he was sent
He was led into a large arena
Stood proudly with knees bent

Auctioneer shouted, “Fifty dollars!”
And nobody raised their hand
The outlook for poor old Percy?
For him, there wasn’t much demand

“Will anyone give me twenty dollars?”
In the crowd, a hand timidly arose
“Sold!” the relieved auctioneer shouted
Why Percy sold, nobody would know

Percy went home with a young family
That had a son that was autistic
The bond that the two developed
It became something quite fantastic

Percy lived out his golden years
Being pampered and truly loved
The difference in that boy he made
Was seen as a gift from above

Tuesday, June 14, 2022