White Horses

Charging through the gate we came
In an array of heavenly light
Millions of us there were
Astride stallions, brilliantly white

The Prince of Peace was in the lead
A beacon of holy eternal light
As onward and downward we raced
To a prophetic and victorious fight

King David was right behind him
Then Abraham, Isaac, apostle Paul
Wigglesworth and Billy Graham
Had answered the rallying call

We broke through the clouds of glory
With the sound like a sonic boom
The sight, it was spectacular
Eternal light brightened the gloom

The Earth’s armies were amassed
And Armageddon was the place
And before this day was over
Their presence we would erase

Lord Jesus struck them with a shout
And they panicked and tried to flee
But for them, there was no escape
The blood rose to my horse’s knees

The battle was over, the victory won
We shouted praises to His name
Raising His sword, He quieted us
Saying, “This Earth I must reclaim”

Upon a distant pinnacle, he stood
Satan, adversary, the evil one
Our Christ took one look and said
“Be gone, for thou art done”
Defeated, he turned, walked away
Knowing that he had failed
All of his schemes, devious plans
Had finally been derailed

Triumphant, we ascended
Returning to our heavenly home
Eternal life is our reward
Now these golden streets we roam

Tuesday, June 21, 2022