The Buggy Race

Caleb pulled out of the barnyard
Pulling his buggy was “Little Joe”
He was on his way to town
He had six long miles to go

He knew he’d go by the Miller’s
He knew he wouldn’t go slow
Jacob would be watching for him
From past experience, he did know

Jacob liked to race his buggy
He had a nice mare named “Dot”
The duo had never lost a race
He bragged about it a lot

Up ahead was the Miller farm
Little Joe picked up the pace
Jacob was waiting for them
And he was itching for a race

Jacob pulled out right beside him
Shouted, “C’mon, Dot! Let’s go!”
What started as a friendly challenge
Turned into a deadly Amish show

Side by side they carelessly raced
Each one trying to get ahead
Little did each other know
That their horses would be dead

Side by side they crested a hill
Five miles outside of town
Neither one saw the truck
That put the racing pair down

A truck hauling chickens hit them
A mighty cloud of feathers flew
The boys were bruised and broken
Their horses were turned into glue!

 Thursday, October 20, 2022