A Boy's Lament

Across the yard, he raced
With his dad in hot pursuit
Screaming in stark terror
That they could not dispute

His dad was having fun
What he was doing was cruel
Instead of it being funny
It made him look like a fool

He had caught a garter snake
And was tormenting his child
Chasing him around the yard
With a creature frightfully wild

He would toss the writhing serpent
On purpose at the frightened boy
Somehow he figured that it
Could be a very fiendish toy

The boy, he would run inside
And behind his mother hide
His dad would then come in
She would motion him aside

An argument would ensue
Their voices’ volume would raise
Dad would angrily breakaway
His mom was dismayed, amazed

To this day the boy hates snakes
His father, he had to forgive
The memory of it still lingers
It will remain as long as he lives

Friday, June 17, 2022