The American Dream

To own your own home

It is the American dream

A place that is finally yours

Is so right, so it seems

So, in debt; you deeply go

Payment due monthly on time

If you happen to miss just one

It’s like you’ve committed a crime

Insurance is another nasty word

An evil you have to have

Another expensive monthly payment

Making them rich on your behalf

Then you have the utilities

In your wallet, they eat a hole

Money, there’s never enough

If a payment’s late, they cajole

Property taxes, they are vicious

Making you pay for what is yours

When they are due, it is hard

To make the payment as years before

Finally, in your golden years

When it all belongs to you

You are forced to give it up

You have the nursing home blues

So, why even consider owning a home

If it’s going to be taken away

Deny the government the opportunity

Live with your kids until Judgement Day!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022