Little Tommy Turnipseed

 Little Tommy Turnipseed   The moral of this story

Went out one day to play   Choosing your friends! Beware!

Met little Mary Thistledown   Thistledown, it can be itchy

Walking along the way           As haircut down your back hair!

Said Little Tommy Turnipseed

“Will you play with me?”

Little Mary Thistledown answered

“That is not to be”

“I am going to visit

Little Lucy Loganberry”

“She has invited me

To drink a cup of tea”

Little Tommy Turnipseed said

“Can I come too?”

“Tea sounds mighty fine”

“If that’s all right with you”

Little Mary Thistledown

Looked at him and cried

“Little Tommy Turnipseed!”

“You shall be denied!”

“I’m going to a tea party”

“It is only for us girls”

“Me, Lucy Loganberry

And her best friend, Polly Pearl”

Little Tommy Turnipseed

He went home and cried

Not only were his feelings hurt

It also hurt his pride

Now Little Tommy Turnipseed

A new friend he seeks

An amazing thing, it happened

It only took a week

He now has a new friend

Spends  all his time with him

His new friend has a name

It’s Ollie Onionskin

Now Onionskins and Turnipseeds

Are compatible, they get along

They have one thing in common

In the ground, they belong

June 14, 2022