Wishy Washy

Are you wishy-washy with God?
Profess to be something you’re not?
Do things that constantly convict you?
Then regret the consequences you got

Does your language betray you?
Say things of which you are ashamed?
Would you say them to the Master?
Do you blaspheme His holy name?

Go places where you shouldn’t
And hope you are not recognized?
On Sunday sit in your favorite pew
Smug and pious, living a terrible lie?

Do you condone others’ language?
Do you listen to their dirty jokes?
Do you smile, shrug your shoulders
Trying to fit in with other folks?

Is your home life drastically different
From what people believe you are?
Are you constantly putting on a front
Hiding behind a dented, tarnished star?

Have you hidden from your co-workers
That the local church you attend?
Will they stand there and judge you
Knowing that your actions they offend?

The only one that you are fooling
Unfortunately, it is a pathetic you
For when in Hell, you are burning
You’re stupidity, it will haunt you!

Friday, June 17, 2022