Opening Day

The sun’s peeking over the treetops
I’m sitting high in an old oak tree
It’s opening day of deer season
My shotgun’s resting on my knee

I’ve done my homework scouting
Rubs and scrapes are all around
The trails are covered with tracks
Acorns scattered on the ground

There’s been a big buck in the area
And I’ve seen plenty of his sign
Trees and bushes torn and peeled
From rubbing them with his tines

He’s mostly a nighttime creature
Feeding and bedding down by day
And now I sit here quietly waiting
Hoping that he will come my way

In the distance, leaves are rustling
And a form in the morning mist I see
His rack grows as he approaches
To his bed, he must surely pass me

He’s the biggest deer I’ve ever seen
With a rack both twisted and bent
He must weigh over three hundred
Nose in the air testing the scents

Now most people would say I’m crazy
For passing up my chance
But as I watched him go by
I gave him one last longing glance

Sometimes the kill isn’t necessary
To enjoy a day in the woods
Just seeing that magnificent animal
Reminds me that God is so good!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022