A Six-Cylinder Surprise

Into the parking lot, it pulled
It was the car of my dreams
Long, sleek, and shiny red
It’s cost, way beyond my means

To my surprise out they came
A man and woman about eighty
With a cane, she hobbled around
Met her husband with her frailty

Astounded, to say the least, I was
As I went over to see their car
Something I had always wanted
Owned by an elderly couple on a lark

No motor size emblems were seen
Confused, I know that I was
Out of the Dairy Queen, they came
I wanted answers, just becuz

“Nice car you have there, Mister”
“I have always loved that make”
“I’m surprised to see you in it”

“I thought you in it was a mistake”

“Young man, I’ll answer your questions”
“Just ask me what you wish”
“If you don’t mind, please hurry”
“My ice cream’s melting in my dish”

“What motor is under the hood?”
“When you came I heard no roar”
“What to me is totally confusing”
“No motor size on fender, hood, or door”

“I’ve always loved the body style”
“It was special ordered from the factory”
“Under the hood is a six-cylinder”
“Plenty of power for my wife and me”

They left me standing there speechless
And the memory stays with me yet
Never again would I ever see
A bright red six-cylinder Corvette!


This actually happened to me many years ago.  I was at a Dairy Queen in my hometown when the couple pulled in and parked.  I still can't believe it was a six-cylinder!

Friday, September 16, 2022