A Flip-Flop Summer

We’re having a flip-flop summer
It’s way too hot to wear shoes
Flip Flop makers are working overtime
To meet the demand for me and you

It’s time to find a shady hammock
And take an afternoon snooze
Close by a table, book, ice tea
Or any beverage that you choose

You have to wear your flip flops
The concrete is incredibly hot
Keep the thongs between your toes
It’s the only protection you’ve got

Everywhere you go, wear flip flops
And try to get your feet tanned
Because if you don’t you will suffer
Burnt skin isn’t something you planned

So, enjoy your flip-flop summer
It’s a fashion enjoyed every year
Just remember to take precautions
Suntan lotion don’t forget to smear

Thursday, June 16, 2022