Antiques Roadshow

He went to the Antiques Roadshow
To find out about his prize
He wondered if about his purchase
Was he foolish or was he wise

At a garage sale, he found it
Twas buried deep inside a box
Nestled between a teapot
And a broken mantle clock

His appraiser got excited
Called his colleagues to come
They scratched their heads, talked
Then told him a high sum

They said it’s a one of a kind
And never seen before
The story that they told him
He had never heard before

He asked them if it was real
They smiled and then replied
The letter he had with it
Made him laugh, then he cried

The little lump in his hand
It came from Ty Cobb’s mouth
It was a piece of bubble gum
From his residence in the south

It’s provenance, it was real
It was a family heirloom
It was found on a bedpost
In Ty Cobb’s own bedroom

People collect the strangest things
Chewed bubble gum, who knew
He sold it to a collector
For a thousand bucks, whoo hoo!

Thursday, June 16, 2022