Those Big Red Eyes

There's nothing more startling

Than a pair of big red eyes

Peeking in your bedroom window

Can make a grownup cry

Even what is more startling

From ground to sill is nine foot

There are no ladders out there

What you see is a Bigfoot

It stares at you most intently

Its curiosity makes it stare

Those red eyes are surrounded

By long and stringy dirty hair

With nose pressed to the glass

It lets off a subtle whoop

Followed by a very shrill whistle

Calling its hidden family group

The window is full of eyes

Bright red, glowing in the night

All watching, taking it in

Illuminated by the bright moonlight

One moment they are there

The next and they are gone

Looking out the bedroom window

You watch them cross the lawn

On the ledge, you put an apple

Maybe a marshmallow or two

Hoping that during the night

Bigfoot will again visit you

Friday, October 7, 2022