Titus Cheevers

Titus Cheevers was in jail

Had been there for many years

A man not to mess with

Did his best to generate fear

The leader of the Cheevers gang

Wasn’t a crime they wouldn’t do

Robbery, burglary, selling drugs

Were examples, to name a few

One day Titus got caught

Found guilty, sentenced to forty years

An inmate to be reckoned with

Using tactics of mostly fear

Then one day he was cornered

By four men carrying shivs

Almost dead, took to the infirmary

The doctor doubted that he’d live

While in his bed King Jesus came

Stood over him through the night

Titus Cheevers felt something new

As peace overcame his fright

Jesus softly whispered in his ear

Told Titus he loved him, indeed

Told him on the cross He died

How the beating made Him bleed

Skeptical Old Titus was at first

Until Jesus showed him His scars

He looked into those gentle eyes

Realized his sinning had gone too far

Old Titus Cheevers, he got saved

His sinful days are now long past

In his cell, he has Bible studies

Touting his salvation, here to last

Old Titus Cheevers, he has changed

No longer is he a man to be feared

He led many inmates to the Lord

He ministered all his remaining years

Monday, August 15, 2022