If I Had To Be An Insect

If I had to be an insect
I can’t decide what I would be
Sometimes I think maybe an Ant
I’d be very tiny and hard to see

Then I consider the Rhino Beetle
Able to move everything out of the way
Then I think I could be a Wasp
Until I think about wasp spray

I could be a pesky mosquito
And be someone’s pain in the neck
Then I think about Monarch Butterflies
And about their long migratory trek

A Housefly, I think I’d rather not
I wouldn’t want to get swatted
An Aphid, no, I don’t think so
No getting dusted on flowers potted

A Cricket’s life span is not very long
Impaled on a hook, feeding a fish
Or a Spider spinning an intricate web
Getting eaten by a bird is not my wish

I could maybe be a Seven Year Locust
Loudly making my presence known
Never would I be a nasty Cockroach
Making everyone around me shudder and groan

I wonder how about being a Ladybug
Or maybe crawl around like a Silverfish
Maybe a Slug under your front lawn
Until found by a mole, Yum! Relish!

After much thinking, I’ve made my choice
A Praying Mantis I want to be
Always in a position of thankful prayer
Is how the Lord will forever find me

Tuesday, June 21, 2022