My Garden Zoo

In my garden, I have a zoo
There are creatures of every kind
Look close, they are everywhere
Hard telling what you will find

In one corner are Tiger Lilies
Surrounded by Butterfly Weeds
In the pond are Crocodile Ferns
On its bank, Rattlesnake Beans

Giving shade are Elephant Ears
Over large flocks of Lambs Ear
Canary Creepers are everywhere
Birds Of Paradise, they live here

There’s an activity at the Bee Balm
Hens And Chickens in the Monkey Grass
In the bushes are Lion’s Tails
Snail Vines don’t grow very fast

There’s Cock’s Comb in the Duckweed
Horse Radish in a Gooseneck
Cattails in the Zebra Grass
Cardinal flowers, red, to inspect

Snapdragons nipping Rabbit Foot Ferns
Horsehead Philodendron standing tall
Turtlehead hiding in Goldfish Plants
Spider plants with denizens small

Lizard Tails in the Buffalo Grass
Bugbane lodged in a Goat's Beard
Gooseberries loaded with fruit
I wonder? Is my garden weird?

So my garden, it is a crazy Zoo
Where so many creatures abide
Each are present, in plain view
Because they never have to hide

Friday, June 17, 2022