The Cure For Packrat-Itis

I’ve been told I’m a packrat
And at one time it was true
Now I am trying to explain
The addiction I had to you

I started collecting postage stamps
I blame my mom for this
From there it spiraled out of control
Very little did I miss

It seemed that I wanted everything
I would connive to get more
I had comic books, bottles, and marbles
Postcards, glass insulators galore

First editions I have always loved
A fine library I once had
I always searched, looking for more
Hoping it’d fill the void I had

All of this I once owned
And satisfy me? It did not
Until one day I realized
Be satisfied with what you got

That day I found the answer
It was when I got saved
Jesus, He became my addiction
In His book, my name’s engraved

My addiction, it is under control
I turned it over to Him
He freed me from my longing
My chances of relapse are slim

Packrat-itis is a horrible disease
One I pray you never get
If you do there is a cure
Turn to Him with no regrets

Thursday, June 16, 2022