That Mighty Rushing Wind

There’s a mighty wind blowing

Through the churches today

The Holy Spirit is inside it

Infiltrating these bodies of clay

If allowed it will engulf you

That Holy Burning Fire

Once felt you’ll never forget it

Wanting more is your desire

Amazing things, they will happen

When He chooses to arrive

Convicting, refreshing, replenishing

The goal for which He strives

It’s called a Mighty Rushing Wind

It announces that He’s here

The Holy Spirit, He’s the one

That dispels all of your fears

Some believers speak in tongues

A testimony, they know him

While others are more reserved

Not stepping out on a limb

Regardless, He is always there

A helpmate, He’s been called

There for those who seek Him

Through trials big and small

That Mighty Rushing Wind

If allowed it will cleanse, purify

He is always there patiently waiting

His existence please don’t deny

June 14, 2022