From Another World

My family tree was badly shaken
By a proclamation that I heard
The interesting aspect of it was
That I heard it from God’s word

“You’re an alien,” my pastor said
“And this world is not your home!”
Quite a profound revelation
As he shared from that holy tome

My imagination ran rampant
As I pondered on these words
To think I was extraterrestrial
To me seemed totally absurd

Supposedly women are from Venus
And men are said to be from Mars
It never even occurred to me
That I could possibly be from a star

Pastor brought me back to Earth
By another statement that he made
“Jesus willingly died for your sins”
“His life for yours made a trade”

“Thru Him, you have a Heavenly home”
“A mansions reserved in your name”
“But only if you have repented”
“And not played any of Satan’s games”

Great sighs of relief came over me
Realizing that my future was secure
As long as I meet Christ’s criteria
And keep my heart soft and pure

Now you can’t pick me out of a crowd
In appearance, I’m just like any of you
Only difference, my heart’s been changed
Being my extraterrestrial clue
So yes, praise God, I am an alien
And I’m biding my time until I go home
One day I’ll fly thru the Eastern skies
And those golden streets I’ll roam

Tuesday, June 21, 2022