No Place Like Home

There's no place like home
And I have to agree
Because when I go away
My home I’m happy to see

It’s fun to go somewhere
You’ve never been before
See the sights and wonders
Open many a welcome door

There is a flip side to it
You sleep in many strange beds
Eat food of questionable quality
High-priced gasoline you dread

Speed traps and work zones
Police lurking behind billboards
Souvenirs in the gift shops
Priced high! You can’t afford

In a short time, you’re ready
You’re tired, want to go home
The excitement, it’s over
You no longer want to roam

The sweetest sight you’ll see
When you pull into your drive
Open the door and walk in
Home at last! Give high fives!

Yes, there’s no place like home
And I’m sure you will agree
Because when I get back home
I realize it makes me happy

Thursday, June 16, 2022