Taming A Bully

Every high school has a bully

And his school definitely had one

His luck, they rode the same bus

The trip to school wasn’t much fun

He knew he couldn’t whip him

He was outweighed by forty pounds

The bully was strong, lifted weights

Could pound him into the ground

All the kids hated and avoided the bully

Out of his face, they always kept

For him, the situation was different

More than once he openly wept

The bully made his life miserable

Called him names, liked to shove

More than once was knocked down

With the bully glaring from above

Then one day the bully did it

In his face, the bully laughed and spit

He balled his face, tried to fight

His face then was repeatedly hit

The bully stood over him and laughed

Then he slowly sauntered away

He knew that one day very soon

He would make that bully pay

It happened on a sunny spring day

Everyone was down by the ball field

He picked up a baseball bat

Liked how in his hands it did feel

He walked up behind the bully

And took a home-run swing

Knocked that bully down and out

Enjoyed the feeling it did bring

From school, he was expelled

It was all right, he didn’t care

He became an overnight hero

Because against the bully, he dared

The bully, he eventually recovered

And from then on he ceased

Was warned if he did it again

Another bat, his skull, would crease!

Thursday, September 15, 2022