The Nighttime Visit

The Lord came to me one night
He said, “My son, I’m here for you”
“I know there’s something on your mind”
“And the answer you have no clue”

Startled awake, I answered best I could
“Jesus, I admit I am confused”

"This situation that I find I am in"

Concerns something that I’ve been accused of”

Then Jesus said, “Share it with me”
“Although I already know what You’ll say”
“There’s nothing in this world I can’t fix”
“Give it to me this very day”

So, I poured my heart out to Him
Every little detail, it was exposed
When I finished talking I got quiet
I lay there in anticipation, my eyes closed

“Am I not the God of miracles?”
“Don’t I know what is best for you?”
“Because you are a child of mine
Your future I will allow you to view”

He showed me that I would be victorious
Through Him, my problem was solved
All I had to do was trust Him
In my life allow Him to get involved

Tuesday, August 30, 2022