Growing Up

I wonder how I ever survived
The ordeal of growing up
Things that I thought were normal
Are considered taboo, corrupt

I rode my bike with no helmet
Wore no seat belts in a car
Caught rides with strangers
Shared drinks from a dirty jar

I shot my BB gun, no goggles
Climbed trees, no safety belt
Played for hours, no supervision
Suffered bruises, cuts, and welts

I endured something called puberty
Had bouts with horrible acne
Grew hair in private places
That is no one’s business but me

I was bullied in grade school
Tried and failed at sports
Struggled thru high school years
Dreaded the card called report

Growing up was an adventure
Parts of it I would like to forget
Now I’ve grown and lived thru it
My childhood was good, no regrets

Tuesday, June 21, 2022