Hunters In The
Night Breeze

When the moon peeks over the horizon
And the night breezes begin to flow
The night creatures come out to play
Taking advantage of the orb’s bright glow

There is a pecking order to adhere to
Nature’s set of  rules for the darkest night
Prey, they know that they’re being hunted
The common denominator is always fright

The mice are scurrying about for food
The screech owls are looking for mice
Rabbits and squirrels are in their dens
Knowing they would pay a deadly price

Coyotes are out hunting in their packs
Searching for something good to eat
Raccoons are in the sweet corn patch
Gardeners, out of their harvest will cheat

The most dangerous are those out there
Who hunts while walking upright on two feet
Their intentions are sinister and deadly
Wreaking havoc on whomever they meet

This deadly game runs in a vicious cycle
To kill or be the unfortunate one who dies
Every night when the night breezes blow
You can hear the frightened victims cry

So, when the night breezes begin to blow
And a chill, it runs rapidly up your spine
Beware, a night creature is stalking you
Creating panic, wreaking havoc in your mind

Tuesday, June 21, 2022