A Penny For Your Thoughts

“A penny for your thoughts”
That is how that old cliche goes
Why they settled on that amount
I’m not sure that anyone knows

Why can’t it be a nickel?
And what’s wrong with a dime?
Do the thoughts ever get better?
Is offering a quarter a crime?

Seems to me it’s a bargain
If I have enough change
I’d buy up everyone’s thoughts
In this mind provoking game

Would I get more for a dollar?
What if I offered a five?
Could I handle all the thoughts?
If a twenty for thoughts strived?

It is an interesting proposition
Buying all of the people’s thoughts
Get more than you bargained for
If in the end turned out for naught

I think I’ll keep my penny
Don’t need yours invading my mind
My thoughts I can barely handle
And somehow I’m doing just fine

So be careful what you offer
It might end up being too much
Minding your own business is better
Than losing reality’s touch

Tuesday, June 14, 2022