I Awoke To Pray

Very late at night, I awoke to pray

I was troubled, somewhat dismayed

“Lord, your creation is in a mess”

“Are you putting us through a test?”

“I’m totally confused, don’t understand”

“What is happening to our land?”

“Have people really lost their minds?”

“Sanity is getting harder to find!”

“Lord, there is rioting in the streets”

“History is tumbling at our feet”

“A pandemic’s raging, countless dead”

“Discrimination is rearing its ugly head”

“Politicians are totally out of control”

“Skyrocketing prices are taking a toll”

“Our servicemen are dying overseas”

“Many succumb from a deadly disease”

“Unemployment, it has a stranglehold”

“Criminals have become crafty and bold”

“Gun sales are up, people are afraid”

“Murder victims in their caskets are laid”

“You are no longer found in our schools”

“And now it makes us look like fools”

“Patriotism has become a thing of the past”

“Pledge Of Allegiance no longer recited in class”

“Lord, we have become quite a mess”

“I doubt we can pass this Earthly test”

“Will you come back and fix it please?”

“I am asking you while on bended knees”

“Please, Lord, how much longer will you be?”

“Not soon enough, according to me”

“I long for my mansion, my heavenly home”

“Find my name written inside your tome”

“As this world sinks deeper in depravity”

“Please, Lord, come back and rescue me”

“Your word says it will happen someday”

“I ask that you protect me during this delay”

June 14, 2022