Our History

From the very beginning of time

Many things to us are a mystery

The things that have been recorded

Are what we know as our history

It all began in our Genesis

When God set our history in motion

He had something on His mind

Then He acted on His notion

On His notion, He took a chance

He created Adam and then Eve

Believing they would trust, obey Him

Until Eve the Devil did slyly deceive

Our history took a drastic turn

Mankind has since struggled for years

And events in our history shows

Our many failures through our tears

Then history took an epic turn

When a baby to a virgin was born

His coming had been often foretold

Messiah, destined to save the forlorn

Through Him, our history was changed

And it began at that rugged cross

The blood that He so freely shed

He made sure that we aren’t lost

Our history is entirely up to us

We all have a decision we must make

The road leads to Heaven or Hell

Our legacy is the route we take

June 14, 2022