Praise And Worship

On the throne, He now sat
Listening to all the praise
It echoed all around him
To Him, it was offered, raised

It came in every language
And some in unknown tongues
The atmosphere was electric
A fine mist around him hung

Nearby were the seraphim
The cherubim were there too
The angels, they all cried “Holy”
As the crescendo, it grew

In the air was a sweet aroma
As it wafted, circled around
The fragrance, it pleased Him
It was enough to astound

In that fragrance was worship
It mixed with joyous praise
It pleased the Father immensely
Seated in that glorious haze

As He listened He reacted
Doing miracles for those in need
Jesus, He was by His side
For His church, he did intercede

Everyday He expects our praise
It is what He longs, waits for
The sweet aroma to arrive
Much stronger than ever before

Friday, June 17, 2022