My Old House

Older homes, they can be charming
With original woodwork and stained glass
A dwelling with so many memories
Usually constructed with a touch of class

They can also have their challenges
With uneven floors and plaster walls
Insulated walls, something unheard of
Steep stairways down you could fall

Cast iron plumbing you have to deal with
Knob and tube wiring that can go bad
Vintage windows that have a wavy look
Heat bills that can make you sad

Floors that squeak with every step
Closet space, there is never enough
Foundations that are cracked and crumbling
Hardwood floors splintered and rough

Putting all problems aside, I like them
They were constructed, intended to last
Compared to the cardboard houses today
That tend to fall apart way too fast

An older home's upkeep is constant
Always something to be fixed or replaced
It’s something that I am willing to do
My older home puts a smile on my face

Tuesday, June 21, 2022