He Met Winged Assassins!

He came running through the brambles

Snorting and cavorting amidst the trees

On all four legs, he was a flying

He was being chased by a swarm of bees

Every sting made him bellow with pain

And he was getting stung a plenty

He just couldn’t get away from them

Unfortunately, there were way too many

Up ahead he could see an inviting pond

And made a beeline straight for it

With a leap and a mighty splash

Submerged, hoping the bees would quit

When he surfaced to fill his lungs

They honed in and popped his nose

With a gargled bellow, he sank again

Until he felt mud between his toes

He knew they were up there waiting

Knew it was just a matter of time

He was going to have to get out

And as a target, he was surely prime

Desperate, he began to weaken

If he stayed there any longer he’d die

He decided that he had to get out

Or at least he had to give it a good try

With a mighty bellow, he surfaced

And the winged assassins took their toll

Weakened, he went down for the count

Became a burger on a sesame seed roll!

Monday, November 14, 2022