The Boatbuilder

Standing high on a hilltop
He watched his three sons
Putting the finishing touches
On a job so well done

For he was on a mission
He was told to build a boat
Now that it was completed
He wondered “Will it float?”

They had labored many years
And had endured much ridicule
So many neighbors had come by
And left muttering “Those fools!”

Tomorrow he sensed it would happen
The gathering, it would begin
Two by two they would arrive
Monkeys; bears and guinea hens

Preparations had been made
For the birds, they must keep
And for all of the animals
Made places for them to sleep

After loading they had watched
As the clouds began to form
Realizing what was to happen
It was far from the norm

Japheth said “It is raining”
Shem said, “Watch it pour”
“Ham, go get the women”
“So that we can close the door”

Tuesday, June 21, 2022