A Box Of Life

Everybody has heard “Life is a box of chocolates”
And to a certain extent, it is definitely true
It will forever be what you make of it
It depends upon your decisions, points of view

If only a person could buy their life’s box
Could you get a money-back guarantee?
Just in case the life that you bought
Doesn’t turn out the way you want it to be

And just how do you put a value on it?
How much would you be willing to pay?
Every box would be so uniquely different
Changing your life in every conceivable way

Just like the chocolates, you make a choice
With the consequences, you will have to deal
Sometimes it will work out in your favor
Others, your purchase dictates how you feel

Because everyone will choose their box in life
Its contents will either make you or you’ll break
Prayer will help you distinguish the correct box
Jesus, He paid for your box, there’s no mistake

Tuesday, June 14, 2022