When Asked To Pray

When you’re asked to pray for someone

It is something not to be taken lightly

That person is needing a miracle from God

That request is necessary, so accept it politely

You stop what you’re doing and petition God

Lifting the person up, expecting a healing

Know that by faith it will be done

Gives you that warm, expectant feeling

God honors your faith by answering prayer

As the healing balm arrives, begins to flow

The person receives what they needed the most

The result! They bask in God’s holy glow

So when you are asked to fervently pray

Don’t do it haphazardly or on a whim

Seek the Lord, make the request known

Turn the situation completely over to Him

You never know when you may be in need

And need someone to petition God for you

For that reason, please keep it in mind

When to sincerely pray you’re asked to do

Praying is the best way to talk to our God

It is the direct path to His holy throne

When you pray He will always hear you

And when in His presence you’re never alone

Tuesday, July 19, 2022