Heaven's Arrivals

Sitting quietly, He watched them come
People of gender and of every race
The moment they realized they were here
They had a big smile on their face

He loved each and every one of them
Intimate knowledge of them he knew
He had taken their prayers to the Father
It was something He had promised to do

He had listened and enjoyed their praises
He had accepted them as being His due
Now that their earthly journey was over
Their Christian walk would come under revue

Some would receive their reward, a crown
Sparkling, brilliant in the heavenly light
Others, the ones recently born again
Their reward would be given, as was right

He had watched them suffer needlessly
He wished they had trusted Him more
His promises were for everyone
Bought by the stripes he’d had painfully bore

They could have been happy and healthy
Whole and free from sickness and pain
Instead, Satan had deceived so many
And in turmoil, they had sadly remained

Now they had their heavenly bodies
They saw Him and shouted His name
“Jesus! Thank you for dying for me”
“So that one day Heaven I could claim”

He smiled and took them into His arms
“Welcome, my child, now you are with me”
“You have a marriage supper to attend”
“Your mansion is waiting for you to see”

“It was something He did every day
Welcomed His church as they entered in
The triumphant ones who had called His name
And had repented of their sins

Tuesday, June 21, 2022