Four-Legged Happiness

When I think about happiness
My mind’s journeys don’t go far
For in my lap it now sits
It knows that it is the star

Whatever frame of mind I’m in
It quickly becomes center stage
Worry, depression, they flee away
When with my happiness we engage

Its name is Missy Marie
A Yorkshire Terrier is her breed
A ten-year-old, spunky female
Lying upon me, I’m her need

She looks at me with big, brown eyes
I can see, feel unconditional love
A love so genuine and so real
Similar to Christ’s love from above

Wherever my wife and I are
She is there, she’s part of the pack
She has never met a stranger
If she senses danger she will attack

“Go Bye Bye” is her favorite word
“Take a bath” she’ll grudgingly do
“Go to bed” she’s up and ready
“Play ball” gets excited, wants to

When I think about my happiness
Missy always comes to my mind
She has crawled into my heart
Snug in its corner, she you will find

When her life on earth is done
And I put her in her grave
I’m sure that my tears will flow
As I say goodbye, her memories save

Tuesday, June 21, 2022