To Sarah's Rescue

She knew that she was being followed

She could tell by the whispers in the wind

That uncanny feeling she was being watched

Was something she couldn’t possibly rescind

Sarah was going home from a friend’s house

At ten thirty the streets were just barely lit

Dark shadows were foreboding all around her

A wind was blowing, the rustling wouldn’t quit

The first inkling that she might be in trouble

Were the footsteps she could barely hear

When she stopped to listen, they did the same

Her first reaction was to cry out in fear

“Who’s there?” she cried, “What do you want?”

In return, she could hear the footsteps begin

Picking up the pace, she saw a street light ahead

Ran for it, looked back where she had been

A dark figure emerged from behind a tree

And began to slowly stalk, come her way

Only one thought then crossed Sarah’s mind

“Am I going to die or get raped today?”

She cringed as he came into her sight

He began to giggle as he drew ever near

She was so terrified she couldn’t move

Cowering, she trembled, then burst into tears

In moments he was towering over here

Reaching down for her, he laughed out loud

In an instant, something miraculously happened

A figure appeared, descending from a cloud

With a mighty hand, it grabbed her assailant

Picked him up and violently hurled him away

From the ground, the man looked and panicked

Then got to his feet, much to his dismay

The figure glared at him and then hit him

The man crumpled and laid at his feet

The man would remember this night forever

How an angel he did so drastically meet

The angel turned to Sarah, nodded, and smiled

And then he disappeared before her eyes

The rest of her way home was uneventful

Her rescue, she didn’t believe was a surprise

She knew that she had a guardian angel

Had been assigned one when she got saved

Tonight she got to see him in action

In her mind, it would always be engraved

Tuesday, November 1, 2022